Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conference Presenter's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray Dropbox my files to keep

If they get borked before I wake

I pray a good preso I can fake


Friday, March 18, 2011

Midnight Apple Pie

New post on Midnight Apple Pie: Purple Abyss.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Web Programmer Job Opening in North Texas

Tarrant County College
Hurst, TX (Dallas-Fort Worth area)

TCC is the sixth-largest college/uni in Texas. Our undergraduate enrollment is about 50,000. We have five campuses, including three in Fort Worth, one in Hurst and one in Arlington.

We've had to re-post the opening of our Web Programmer position. If you are interested or want job description and salary schedule, please visit and use posting # 100201 in the search area.

Anyone unfamiliar with community colleges may be hesitant to consider a job with a two-year college, but please, don't let that stop you from checking it out.

Here are some of the reasons I like living in the Fort Worth area:

  • I love the Fort Worth zoo. It's great!
  • Super-close to MLB games, NFL games (ok, so that may not matter this year with the union disagreement, but maybe next year?), NHL matches, NBA games
  • Concerts, concerts, concerts! Large and small venues
  • Theater productions
  • Fort Worth has an amazing museum district
  • The TRE. This commuter train runs between downtown Fort Worth and downtown Dallas. Makes going to games, concerts or other events in downtown Dallas less hectic when you can park at a stop in Tarrant County and just ride the train to Dallas. The American Airlines Center (where the Dallas Mavericks play & where many concerts are held) is a stop on the TRE. No fighting traffic or parking!
  • Snopocalypse is a rare event. Let's be honest, snow is a rare event.

Now for some of the reasons I like working for TCC:

  • I worked at a four-year university before coming to TCC. I liked the idea/promise of TCC's mission statement and what they *told* me community colleges offer for the county, but now that I am here, I see first-hand the impact we have on the community and in turn, the community has on the state. (Really, I'm not being sales-y.)
  • Access to the wellness/fitness centers on any of the campuses
  • For a big college, we have a pretty close-knit staff (coworker actually told me this one, but I also believe it)
  • Serving such a large institution means each week is full of variety--no day is ever the same.
  • For an edu, we keep up with the latest technology in areas such as network servers, videoconferencing, classroom tools.
  • While the FT web staff have members that report to the Information Technology side of the house and members that report to the communication/marketing/pr side of the house, we work well together. The three of us current FT web staff work diligently to make sure what we do serves the college community, regardless of our reporting structure.
  • Our team is growing. When I started here at TCC in March 2008 there were two of us: the webmaster, David, and me--web content editor. David worked tirelessly to convince our administrators that we were in need of additional hands and minds. In 2009 a new position was created and Robert began Sept. 09. Since that time we have also been working and pushing for more help so our site could have the attention it needs. Last fall we were given the green-light for two additional positions: one web programmer and one more web content editor.

Let me know if I can tell you anything else about our awesome school to persuade you to apply. :-)